How It Works

How It Works

What is this service?

Paydays Online had started the Payday loans service which is specially designed to help those people who are facing lots of trouble due to financial downturn. It helps you in paying unexpected dues of medical emergency bills, electricity bills, car repair bills etc. Payday loans online no credit check service is for all people whose age is more than 18 years. It is the only best and secure method to get cash money instantly in times of financial crisis.

What to expect?

If your loan application will be approved by our representatives then it will take only one business day to deliver cash money into your active bank account whose details are already mentioned in the application form that you had submitted online. You can get cash money in few hours/few days with the help of instant payday loans online. We offer loan which ranges from $100 to $1000 even more. The loan amount can be increased according to borrowers demand and conditions.

Is there a credit check?

We don’t hide any type of policies from our clients and customers. To be clear we check all documents and proofs which you have provided to us including your credit history. It is the method by which we decide the client is not involved in any type of bank fraud and able to repay the taken amount. But, it is also true that we provide loan to those people who have bad credit or poor credit history. So, if you have bad credit then also you can apply for fast payday loans online.

What does it cost?

Most of the borrowers always ask this question. So, here is the accurate information. First of all I want to make one thing clear that same day payday loans online fees and cost are regulated and managed by Federal Law. The cost which is charged for this loan is whole amount borrowed with service fee. The service fee depends on how much amount you are going to borrow. Being a short term loan it’s APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is higher but according to United States Federal Law.

When do I receive my cash?

Payday loans are known as many names such as no fax payday loans online and short terms loans etc. This loan is specially designed to help those people who need cash money instantly. Therefore, undoubtedly it can be said that you will receive cash money into your bank account within few hours. The fast and quick money transfer is the major advantage of this loan against other loan programs. Once your loan application is approved the money will be credited into your bank account.

When is the loan due?

Generally at Paydays Online, the Payday loan due range from 1 week to 2 week or more according to the loan scheme. In other words you have to repay taken amount within 2 weeks from the date of the loan contract and loan application approval. The time period of loan due and repayment date can be increased according to your demand. It is also regulated as well as managed by State Law to protect the borrower. These are the main reason faxless payday loans online are becoming more and more popular.

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