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Write to is now giving great opportunity to Authors and Content Experts the chance to post their Web Content / Articles to our website. If you are crawling on this page then you must be willing to go for guest blogging openings. We got massive response regarding this and were planning about it so that the complete structure is now ready to be used. We are now accepting guest posts. You can now write Original, Genuine and Quality Content and Send to us to gain massive exposure from Website.

For Guest Blogging, kindly read the following Guidelines:


  1. No More than 1 Self-Serving Link in Author Bio only; Excess Link = Rejected
  2. No Affiliate Links / No Spam Links; Spam = Rejected
  3. No Keyword Stuffing (strictly prohibited); Keyword Stuffing = Rejected
  4. No Grammar or spelling Mistakes (Re-check Before sending to us)
  5. No Duplicate Content, the content must not be published anywhere else on Web, i.e. FRESH CONTENT ; Duplicacy = Rejected
  6. Don’t send off-theme topics blog posts like Engineering, Science, Software etc. because they will get REJECTED for sure. Off Topic Post = Rejected


  1. Content: Must be Accurate, Informative and Relevant associated with finance issues like money, loans and similar topics. You can include current happenings in Payday Loans Industry too
  2. Title: must be Unique, attractive and completely matches to the story. Up to 60 characters. Write Precise and Interesting to gain better exposure
  3. Description: up to than 150 characters
  4. Author Bio: where you can put 1 self-serving link for your Domain
  5. 1 Image per article as an attachment
  6. Write a post with insanely worthwhile content
  7. Be original – 100 % Genuine (Copyscape Proof)
  8. Minimum Content Length = 500 words, but you can write bigger as long as it is sensible and to the topic

How to Reach US for Guest Blogging?

Email Your Content to webmaster.arnold[at]gmail[dot]com in (DOCX or HTML) format. It will take up to 72 hours in review and (Approval / Rejection). Once we approve, you will get the confirmation email.

If you have any doubts, queries or questions then feel free to write to us at webmaster.arnold[at]gmail[dot]com

Content Interchange Scheme

(For pro-bloggers, Blog Owners)

If you own a Blog too and is related to Finance or Money Niche then you got the opportunity to gain 2 Links (1 from Body & 1 from Author Bio) from our website via Guest Blogging. To avail this offer you also have to accept our Blog Post prior and send your content along with the Live URL to following address: webmaster.arnold[at]gmail[dot]com

We at Paydays Online, reserve all the rights regarding the posts and if we found something that gives bad or negative impact on us or those who associates with us then we can remove links or completely delete the post as well so it is advised to keep these things in mind to get a permanent exposure from Paydays Online.

If you do any changes in our article later on after publishing it like removing links etc. on your website then you will be responsible for removal of one or all your contents from our website.

(For Lenders / Loan Providers)

If you are a loan provider website then you are an opponent. We still will accept the posts and giving the chance of providing 1 Non-Clickable text-link or 1 Clickable No-Follow Link in Author Bio.Paydays Online Guest Post